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Frequently Asked Questions 

Q: Can I use a 5V/1A USB/Wall adapter or would a 2A adapter be better?
A:Yes, 5V/1A input is Ok with the wireless charger, but 1.5A or 2A adapter will work better.

Q: How many hours does it take to charge a Nexus 6 or Nexus 5 from say 20% to full capacity?
A: It depends on how you align 2 coils, it normally takes around 4 to 5 hours to charge Nexus 6 or Nexus 5.

Q: Why my phone is charging slower than normal charger?
A: The wireless charger could charge at 1A max, but most receivers on the phone will only work at around 600mA to 800mA to avoid over-heat.

Q: Whats included in the box? does it come with a power adapter?
A: No, but a micro usb cable is included.

Q: Does it charge the phone with a case on?
A: Normally yes, but the transmitter coil and receiver coil should not exceed 5mm, or else the charging speed will be lower than normal.

Q:My phone is little bit hot when charging, is it normal?
A:Both transmitter and receiver side of wireless charger would generate some heat when charging, it is safe and normal as soon as the temperature is lower than 42 C degree. If you found the temperature above 45 C degree, please contact the manufacturer directly.

Q: What should I do if I think this item is defective?
A: If you have any doubt or find any problem with our product, please contact us through "Contact us" section on website: You will normally get replied in 24 hours.(Normally in less than 12 hours)

Q: When the Nexus 5 is 100% charged, is there any indication of full charge? What happens if left on charging overnight?
A: Nexus 5 will not notify wireless charger to stop charging when charging complete, it will still charge at a very low working current which is not unhealthy to the battery. This is different from Nexus 4(Nexus 4 will stop charging when charging complete).