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NON-QI Wireless Charging Solution

Time : November 13 , 2014/09:41 am

As one of the first applicable wireless charger circuit in industry, MP268 from ChoeTech Technology is one of the most economic wireless charging solutions in this industry, and has been widely approved as high converting rate and low heat generating when in charging. It is now widely used in both industrial applications and home appliances.


    Input Voltage:DC 12 V
    Input current:40-350mA
    Output Voltage:DC 5 V
    Output Current:600MA to 1000MA
    Out put Power:3w nominal 5w max
    Distance between 2 circuits:2-6mm
    Rate: 70%
    Chip dimension:25×17×8mm
    Receive circuit part:32×7×3mm
    Copper circuit dimension:diameter 36mm, adjustable
    Magnet chip thickness: 0.3mm. Diameter: 40×40mm