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A3007 Choetech USB-C to Thunderbolt 3 Cable (2.3 ft/0.7m)


Thunderbolt 3 brings data transfers at speeds up to 40Gbps over USB-C, enabling a superset of standard USB-C to truly become one compact port that does it all -delivering the fastest, most versatile connection to any dock, display, or data device. For the first time, one port can connect numerous Thunderbolt devices, any display, and billions of USB devices (additional adapters may be required). Thunderbolt 3 cables are primarily used for connecting docking stations, high performance data storage solutions, peer-to-peer networking, and more.

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Thunderbolt Certified

This Thunderbolt 3 passive cable has been tested to abide by the Thunderbolt standards provided by Intel regarding durability and sustained functionality, fully Thunderbolt 3 compatible. With a length of up to 2.3 ft/0.7m, 40Gbps speed, and USB 3.1 compatibility.

40Gbps Data Transfer & 100W Charging

Supports 40Gbps data transfer speeds which is four times faster than standard USB-C cables, (Note: The Thunderbolt 3 cable supports speeds up to 5Gbps for USB 3.0. For a USB 3.1 host connected to another USB 3.1 device such as a hard drive, it can support data transfer up to 10Gbps. When connecting two Thunderbolt 3 devices, data transfer rates can reach up to 40Gbps.)  It can copy 14 hours of high-definition video or 25,000 photos at 40 Gbps in 1 minute. Charging speed up to 5A/100W when used with compatible systems and Thunderbolt 3 accessories.

Supports 5K UHD Display

40Gbps bandwidth supports dual full 4K @60 Hz displays or even a 5K display when used with compatible systems and Thunderbolt 3 accessories. Perfect for connecting displays with astonishing resolution, contrast, and color depth to see your photos, videos, applications, and text with amazing detail.


Our Thunderbolt 3 Cable is Thunderbolt, USB & DisplayPort Alt Mode compatible. Compatible with LG UltraFine 5K Display, 2016, 2017, 2018 Macbook Pro, 2017, 2018 iMac, 2017 iMac Pro, Windows Thunderbolt 3 Laptop & PCs like Dell XPS, HP Spectre, and Lenovo Carbon X1 series, Thunderbolt 3 Docking Stations, Storage, and Peripheral Devices. (Important Note: Passive Thunderbolt 3 cable support native DP alternate mode and USB3.1 Gen1 & Gen2 mode)

Package Content

1 x 2.3ft 40Gbps 100W Thunderbolt 3 Cable

1 x 18-month Warranty

Customer Stories

Terrence Houlahan from UK on January 5, 2020

Choetech, once again, delivers on a top quality product. This Thunderbolt 3.0 cable is authentic and is capable of the full 40 Gbps transfer speed (tested). I've used this to support a 4K monitor from my MacBook Pro with perfect image display, unnoticeable lag and zero frame rate issues - the difference between using this and the included USB-C to USB-C cable from my monitor was staggering. The USB-C cable simply couldn't handle the data but this Thunderbolt cable worked a breeze. Choetech seems to provide the cheapest (genuine 40 Gbps) cable at this length so this deal is actually very good value (I searched extensively for a cheaper alternative and found nothing). I would say that, in general, a cable of this length will be longer for most applications, it provides the full 40 Gbps transfer rate. 

Sotos from USA on November 4, 2019

I can work with either my Macbook Pro connected to the cigarette adaptor or my iPad Pro 2019 12.9" in the passenger seat of a car with no problems. This is a great Thunderbolt cable for the described uses. 

JIm from FR on November 4, 2019

I bought this cable to connect macbook to external monitor. Works perfectly.
It also charges the Mac albeit limited by the charge power of the monitor. 

Harlow from USA on May 5, 2021

Just purchased an M1 Mac mini and needed some more Thunderbolt 3 cables, requested this hoping it would be ok. It is more than ok.

Tested it by connecting a CalDigit TS3 Plus dock. Everything functions as expected, no performance impact on IO speeds to connected devices. Nice.

Got a TB3 NVMe enclosure to test (WD Black SN850 inside) and also ran some benchmarks with this cable after using the included TB3 cable. If anything, it was slightly faster with the BolAAzul TB3 cable.

Somewhat bemused by the complaints about value relating to this; it's a Thunderbolt 3 cable that matches Apple's own $39 Thunderbolt 3 cable in every technical regard (and arguably better build quality) 

MessalineApghar From GR on March 14, 2021

Plugged it into my Thunderbolt hub immediately and was working at TB3 speeds immediately, as well as getting full PD high speed charging.

thunderbolt 3 cables are notoriously expensive. for a full-spec cable this is a really good price. at least for the 3ft. that I bought.

so far, buy with confidence. I will update if that opinion changes.