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2,000Wh Bidirectional Charging Power Station BS006


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This product is designed to provide off-grid power to your electronic equipment. Whether you are climbing a mountain, taking an RV road trip, or camping outdoors, this power station can provide reliable power to your electronic devices or to power up your devices during power outages and emergency situations.

This product has purchased the Commercial General Liability Insurance Policy from the PICC Property and Casualty Company Limited. Quality guarantee ensures complete protection for your devices.


The AC power outlet, AC output voltage and frequency vary by country and region. Please read this entire manual carefully before using the device. Follow the instructions in the "How to Use" chapter.

Package List

1 x 2000W Portable Power Station; 1 x User Manual


UPS mode

UPS function

This product has the bypass mode, does not need to pass through the battery, can directly deliver output from the AC.

In UPS mode, when the AC input power of the mains is cut off due to a power outage, the ac input power of the mains can be used in about automatic switch to product battery power within 10 ms to ensure AC output.

UPS Connections

As shown in the figure below, connect the product between the socket on the wall and the electrical appliances, and the power of the product is in the ON state. When you turn on the power of the electrical appliances,it will directly uses the AC power of the power grid.

In this state, when the power grid is cut off, it will automatically switch to the product's internal battery to supply power.

In UPS mode of The United States and Japan, the maximum power output of AC is below 1100W, and the AC output exceeds 1100W. The AC output icon"" blinks indicating overload.

In UPS mode of the China, United Kingdom, Europe and South Korea, AC output of the maximum power below 2000W, AC output over 2000W, "" AC output icon flashes indicating overload.

Solar panel connection

Our products can be connected to solar panels and can be charged through solar panels.

The solar panels produce 400 watts of power and can be fully charged in as little as five hours, (Solar panel input can be the most maximum 500W(maximum voltage 50V)

 Solar panel charging power, according to the weather and climate conditions.

Solar panel voltage exceeding 50V will damage the equipment and may not be covered by warranty.

Car charging

This product can be charged by the cigarette lighter in the car with an ACC cable (accessory: ACC hereinafter).

Turn on the power of this product, connect the ACC charging cable to the cigarette lighter in the car and the Anderson interface on the side of the product, turn on the engine of the car, and the LED of this product will show the input power.

On-board charging should be carried out with the car engine turned on. If the engine is not turned on, the battery might run out.

Car charging is usually low power of 90-120W, and the charging time will be long.

If you need quick charge, it is recommended to use the mains.

Important Safety Instructions

/i\ Caution

Do not disassemble, open, crush, bend, deform, puncture, shred or attempt to access the battery. Do not modify or remanufacture the battery, attempt to insert foreign objects into the battery, or immerse or expose it to water or other liquids, expose to fire, explosion or other hazard. Do not expose product to temperatures above 60 C/140 T.

/i\ Warning

When using this product, basic precautions should always be followed, including the following:

a)Read all the instructions carefully before using the product.

b)To reduce the risk of injury, close supervision is necessary when the product is used near children.

c)Do not insert your fingers or hands into the product.

d)Avoid dropping or shaking the product.

e)Long-term exposure to high temperatures will shorten the battery life. Please avoid prolonged exposure to strong sunlight.

f)Please keep water, dirt and dust from entering the product.

g)Avoid using this product in direct sunlight, rain or humid environments.

h)Please keep product away from radiators, ovens or any other heat sources.

i)The product will naturally become warm during use. Please ensure the product is placed in an area with good ventilation and sufficient heat dissipation.

j)Do not repair or disassemble this product.

k)Using of a power supply or solar panel not recommended or sold by choetech may result in a risk of fire or injury.

l)Do not use the power station in excess of the output rating (in watts). Overload caused by usage above power rating may result in a risk of fire and injury to people.

m)For product safety, please have product repaired by a qualified repair person using only original replacement parts.


Product is not permitted on aircraft.

To maintain battery health, use and recharge at least once every 3 months.

To ensure best performance, we strongly recommend using the original or certified charger and cables.

The product is not waterproof. Please do not expose to rain or liquids.

Do not disassemble the product.

Please avoid dropping the product.

Please avoid extreme temperatures.

Please dispose of batteries and electronic goods in accordance with local regulations.