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Choetech Electronics Mystery Box

$149.99 $79.99
|Feel the thrilling return of the excitement and suspense of gift giving as they delve into this mystery box electronics to reveal over $199 worth of electronics goodies inside. Who knows what they’re going to get? Only us. You’ll have to wait until the moment of truth (AKA The Opening) to find out. It’s basically a gift for you as well – the gift of surprise!
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What could possibly be nestled in this cardboard cube? There's only one way to find out—look inside!

The Mysterious Box of Mystery is a special selection of Choetech's curiously awesome products. In fact, they're even more curious than usual since you have no idea what you'll be getting!

Each box contains several different items from the shelves of Choetech's warehouse that represent some of the most awesome stuff you can buy. Each order is a surprise, and each order is a great deal since buying the contents individually would cost more than getting them in this boxed bundle.

Uncover the mysterious mystery and order a Mysterious Box of Mystery now!

Received the box :-)

Wow, it’s amazing!

I love Choetech Electronics Mystery Box!!



Our Mystery Box has 3 sizes (basic boxes, super mystery boxes, the super giant mystery boxes) and 2 types (Android mystery box and iphone mystery box). You can choose android mystery box and iphone mystery box according to your device model.
🔥We Have Very Limited Quantities of Mystery Box Electronics At This Price. Less than 200 left in stock.🔥
To prevent malicious transactions, we limit the quantity of each purchase.
If you find that the shipping fee is $10000, please reduce the purchase quantity

 I am very happy to receive surprise feedback of Mystery Box Electronics from customers
Peter is a gamer from the United States, he was very pleasantly surprised after receiving our iPhone Mystery Box Electronics
Jim is a high school student from France, he received our Android Mystery Box Electronics his girlfriend bought him on his birthday.
Zeljko is a friend from Germany. This surprise is more precious than ever. He tried this game for the first time, but he got his most satisfying gift-Android Mystery Box Electronics.
Jack is an iphone fan from Australia, he received our iphone Mystery Box Electronics his dad bought him on the first day of college.
Features & specs
1. Choetech-curated shipment of awesome stuff
2. You don't know what's in the box, since all the products were selected by the warehouse staff randomly,
3. A great value (always cheaper than buying the items individually)
4. Note: Each equally-priced box contains different items
5. Size and shape of box may vary from what is pictured.
6. This item cannot be returned.


Sale price is only available for a Limited Time

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Recently Customer Stories: 

Buyer from U.S.

"Just received my mystery box it's epic! Thank you I'll obvs post about it later" 


Buyer from U.S.

"Everything i received in the mystery box is excellent with put everything to good use."


Buyer from U.S.

"We loved what we got and have already put it to use! Thank you battlbox! Everything was quality and useful!"