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Solar Panel Portable Charger 80W 18V USB C Solar Panels Charger with USB C PD 30W


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solar panel
Choetech 80W Solar Panel Portable Charger
Where there is sun, there is power. Providing convenience and dependability power anywhere you need it. The high efficient solar panel portable charger makes good use of unlimited sunshine, enjoys the outdoor adventures of green and clean power while off-grid.
solar panel
Universal Compatibility Designed for Multi Devices
Equipped with 1*DC output port (18V/4.44A), 1*PD3.0 Type C port(30W), 1*QC3.0 fast charging USB port(18W/4X Faster) and 1*USB output port(5V/2.4A). This portable solar panel for RV is deal for charging phones, tablets, laptops, power banks, Macbook Pro, etc.
solar panels
Come with a 10 in 1 connector adapter kit, this USB Csolar panel charger can charge your power stations via included DC port or the DC to Anderson cable. Unfold size: 62*16 inches and folded size: 16*14 inches, weighs 7.8lb, it is convenient to carry wherever you go.
80W High Power Portable Solar Panel for RV
CHOETECH 80W folding solar panel can charge your power station directly from sunlight with the 10-in-1 connector kit (except for MacBooks). With 3 USB ports (USB-A1: QC3.0, Support Apple 5V-2.4A,USB-A2: Apple 5V-2.4A), 1 USB-C port ( C port PD30W: compatible with PD3.0), and a 80W DC output can keep two devices simultaneously full of power. Also includes a Black computer extension cable 5521 female 10 in 1.
Portable solar generation system
Fits most solar generators on the market with DC connections such as Jackery, Chafon, Suaoki, Goal Zero Yeti, Webetop, Paxcess and ROCKPALS and offers grid-independent green power solutions and emergency power failures.
Stronger power generation efficiency
Using monocrystalline silicon solar cells, the power generation efficiency is up to 20%. Monocrystalline silicon solar cells have a higher photoelectric conversion rate than polycrystalline silicon and amorphous silicon solar cells. Reduce light loss and improve battery efficiency. Compared with general solar panels, the power generation rate is higher!
Foldable solar charger with stand
Foldable design with easy-to-carry handle and 4 adjustable stands to get up to 30% more sunlight than laying flat, reduce the charging time of your power plant. When folded, the solar panel looks like a briefcase (16 x 14 inches) that you can easily take with you wherever you do your outdoor activities.
What you get
1 * 80W portable solar panel, 1 * user manual, 1 * DC 55 * 21mm to DC 55 * 21mm cable, 1 * DC 55 * 21mm to Anderson cable, 1 * 10-in-1 DC 55 * 21mm connector
More Durable Solar Panel

The back of the solar panel is made of durable polyester canvas, and the surface is made of industrial-strength PET, which can resist the harsh environment encountered in outdoor activities. Perfect for travel, hiking, camping or other outdoor activities.

Questions & Answers: 
Q1: Can this work in partially cloudy conditions?
A1: It can be used daily, just providing the sun is shining.
Q2: Can this work in partially cloudy conditions?
A2: Yes. It should still work but the charging efficiency will be lowered.
Q3: Can it be used folded?
A3: This solar panel folds nicely for easy storage.
Customer Stories: 
Kaducky, from US
This is the first solar panel I've gotten so I can recharge my devices while we are outside. So far the thing has worked great for that purpose. The panels are nice and big to capture a lot of sunlight. It has 2 regular usb ports for 2 different charging rates and a usb tyce c port. It comes with a ton of different adapters so you can charge many other devices like a laptop. I unpacked the solar panels, put it in the sun, plugged in my phone and it worked perfectly. A great buy!

Vijava, from Australia
I am using this solar panel since last 10 days to charge my phones, power banks and sometimes laptop. So far I really liked it and I don't have to depend on electricity to charge phones. Not sure if I am saving on electric bill but this solar panel really helped me to charge hand held fans and phones while I am in camping in woods. This one when open is big but can fold to laptop size to carry easy. I recommend this solar panel for home use and for someone going camping where you don't have access to electricity to charge electric devices.

Mei.L, from US
Bought this 80W solar panels for charging phones and iPad when we’re camping. This solar panels are pretty light-weight and solid and does not take too long to fully charge the power banks. I like it has additional USB port to charge a separate although it slows down a bit. Looking for a 120W one!

Carla, from US
I'm heading up north to go camping this upcoming weekend and thought this would be a great add-on. It's a very off-grid campsite, so no power... But that's no problem. The solar panels came well-packaged and there was no damage to them. I must also add that the design is amazing! It doesn't feel like cheap material either! I set it out for a few hours when it arrived and it was already halfway charged! I plugged in my phone, my laptop, and voila! It worked! I highly recommended these solar panels if you're going camping anytime soon. I may be picking up another solar panel from them soon! Hope this helps anyone.

Mac, from US
This is an awesome solar panel. It is a great companion to my power station. It is 80w and does a great job of charging my station throughout the day while we are camping . I love how the panel folds up into a small carrying case. It opens up with ease and plugs right in. I am very impressed with the quality, design and ease of use of this solar panel.