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T570-S Choetech Fast Wireless Charging Pad

$69.99 $49.99
Choetech's Fast Wireless Charging Pad with perfect allignment - all you have to do is to just set your devices on the pad to get a boost of power. Save up your space and simplifie your life starting with our 2-in-1 wireless charging pad. 
Model: T570-S
QC Adapter Included: This fitted QC 3.0 wall adapter accelerates the charging speed, and is faster than the conventional adapter.
Portable Design: This dual wireless charging pad is very light and slim which makes it easily portable. 
Smart LED Indicator: The green LED indicator lets you know the charging status. The light will turn on to indicate that the device is charging.



Charger Plug

Sleep Friendly

Soft green LED light illuminates when placing your phone on the fast wireless charging pad to indicate the device in the right position, charging has successfully started, and then have a good sleep.

Universal Compatibility

7.5W Charging Mode: iPhone Series 12 - Series 14

10W Fast Charging Mode: Samsung Galaxy Note 10/Note 10 Plus/S20/S20+/S10/S10 Plus/Note 9/S9+/S9/Note 8/S8/S8+/S7/S7 Edge

5W Standard Mode: All Qi-enabled devices

2.5W Charging Mode: AirPods 2, AirPods Pro, Pixel Buds

Case Friendly

Transmits charging power straight through even heavy-protection phone cases within 5mm. Cases made of metal, attachments such as magnets, cards, grips will interfere with charging. 

Customer Stories:

★★★★★ Vicky, from US
This wireless charging pad is honestly pretty amazing. It has a small green light bar that has 2 modes of intensity, which is dimmer when it has 1 device charging and brighter when there are 2 devices charging. Being able to see if devices are charging without needing to see the device itself is a nice quality of life touch and I like the feature. There's not too much difference in brightness between the 2, which would be nice if they either increased the brightness for 2 devices or just had 2 different colors all together. The brightness change is the most noticeable when you already have 1 device charging and you begin charging a second, but if you were to just show me the color, I'm not confident I could tell you how many devices would be charging. It's very compact, being nice and flat, which makes it extremely portable and doesn't jut out. It blends in with the surroundings and is really nice to have. I feel like it's ever so very slightly thin, and making it slightly wider and increasing the charging area by just that little bit would be fantastic. It's easy enough to place a phone onto it for it to begin charging, but I think if the size was increased just by a little bit, there would be no need to slightly move the phone to find the charging coil sometime, and it would make life just that much easier. It's a great charger, and it's definitely nice to have.

★★★★★ M.Warren, from US
New to wireless charging pad. I know there are sometimes issues with position you have to place phone. This charger doesn’t seem to have that. Charges my XS MAX easy. I can put my phone as well as girlfriends phone on at same time. Both carve up fast. Also phone doesn’t slip off pad. Tacky material keeps it right where you place it. One phone, two phones, charged great,portrait or landscape as well. Great product. I’m so used to grabbing phone while charging and having to be extra careful as it’s plugged in. Nice to be able to just grab it and not worry about pulling cable out.

★★★★★ Jose, from US
I have been using this wireless charger for about over a week now. What made me come to get this charger is because it can have two devices on it at one time charging and also it comes with a power brick. Which usually with these I notice you do not get one.
I have tired out charging both my S10 Plus and Samsung earbuds. Which both charged fully without any issues. Since that worked I decided to take both my S10 plus and S9 plus to see if it will still charge. It did amazingly. As you can see in the pictures (please keep in mind nothing is completely accurate). It almost his 14.9 Watts when I put the two phones on it. Which is close to its max of 20 Watts. It held up to charging both phones.
Quality is extremely good. The matt feel on the wireless pad gives it a good feel. At the same time keep the phone secure so it won't slip off. Also the USB C cord, yes USB C cord is thick and feels like a premium USB cable.
Overall I like the product. It eliminated two USB cable I had plugged in and now I just use the Quick Charge 3.0 brick it comes with. I highly recommend this product to S10 Plus users with the free Samsung earbuds or have multiple phones that need charging.

★★★★★ Michael, from UK
Not bad for wireless charging. The top of the wireless charging pad has a texture that grips. 2 phone can easily fit on top of it side by side, usually I've got one on there sitting longways.
Power brick it came with that plugs into the wall is just fine, have not had any issues with anything so far. The only thing to keep in mind is wireless charging being significantly slower than wired charging.

★★★★★  Erwaso, from US
-Sturdy and slim for desk and traveling
-Soft rubber grip holds phones and Galaxy buds.
-Charging power a little faster than last years fast wireless pads i have.
-Green light helps so I know its charging.
-Charges through cases.
-Includes qc block and usbc cord
-Doesn't make noise like some reviews say