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Choetech Gift Cards

Are you worried about choosing gifts? Let's try our GIFT CARDS!
Due to very popular demand, we are now offering gift cards in the form of unique and personalized discount codes for your special someone!
-It can only be used on 1 order total
-The gift code will never expire



Due to very popular demand, we are now offering gift cards in the form of unique and personalized discount codes for your special someone!

Upon purchasing the gift card amount of your choice, you will receive an e-mail within 24 hours with your unique discount code which will give the recipient that exact amount off of any purchase they make here at Choetech!

Don't worry, this gift code will never expire!

A discount code is slightly different from a traditional gift card since a discount code can only be used on 1 order total.

Please make sure your gift recipient orders the entire amount of the gift card or greater when they use the code to take advantage of the full amount!


You cannot use any existing store discounts when buying a gift card! Please do not apply any discount codes to a gift card purchase. The gift card itself must be paid in full. We will immediately cancel the order if a discount code is used when ordering a gift card.

The e-mail address in the note section for the recipient you'd like us to send the discount code to. (If it's YOUR e-mail address, please just specify to send it to the email you used to check out)
What you'd like the gift message to say. (if anything)
We may need up to 24 hours to create the gift code and personalize it for you, so don't panic!


Add products to your cart equal to or greater than your gift code value!
Type in the unique one-time gift card code in the discount code section at the checkout!
Watch the money come off your order total, and checkout as normal!

Please note:

There are absolutely no refunds on gift cards once they've been used on ANY order. If the recipient fails to use the full amount on their first order, there is no way to have the remaining amount apply to a second order, so please use the whole gift card in one order! When we send an e-mail to your recipient, we will be sure to make this very clear to them as well.


Customer Stories:

Making a friend happier
“Purchased for a long time friend who lives in California and I live in Canada, what a better thing to give a friend where she can get something she likes and meets her needs than me playing where is the pea under what nut shell and picking something she just tolerate but not suits her. A GIFT CARD every time works for those who have everything and it makes my Christmas shopping a lot easier.”

Fast and easy to use with immediate delivery!
“We liked the ease of using these gift cards. We have family that live quite a long distance away and using these cards is an easy way to send them a gift that gets there quickly. They like the fact that they get to choose what they actually buy. The gift cards are fast and easy to use!”

Fast, convenient and easy to use
“Convenient and quick! I’ve used these a few times for special events. Always for those out-of-state family members. This was the first time I’ve used gift card and I was quite pleased. It arrived via email for the recipient within 24 hours. The recipient said the convenience to use was a snap.”