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12 in 2 Laptop USB C Docking Station Dual Monitor 4K@60Hz Triple Display HUB-M25 CHOETECH


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  • ⚡【12 in 2 Triple Display MacBook Dock】The USB C docking station extends the capability of MacBook Pro/Air with 12 necessary ports including 2 HDMI(4K@60Hz), DisplayPort(4K@60Hz), 2 USB C 3.0, 2 USB C 2.0, 100W PD charging port, ethernet port, SD/Micro SD Card port, 3.5mm audio/mic 2-in-1 port. The MacBook Pro dock covers the most common demand for work and life by easy connection.
  • ⚡【4K@60Hz Triple Monitor Display】The Mac docking station with 2 HDMI ports and 1 DisplayPort adopts the latest triple display technology to achieve Mirror Mode and Extend Mode by connecting dual or triple monitors. Support up to 4K@60Hz HDR video output. Help you connect external monitors and improve work efficiency at the office or home.
  • ⚡【Flash Compact MacBook Docking Station】The 2 USB C 3.0 ports support transfer speeds up to 5 Gbps and USB C 2.0 port at speed up to 480Mb/s, suitable for connecting keyboard, mouse, and another wireless device. USB C PD port supports up to 100W charging pass-through. SD/Micro SD card reader ports support the speed of access files and data up to 104 Mb/s. Ethernet port supports 10/100/1000 Mbps to transfer 1 GB file within 5 seconds.
  • ⚡【Compatible Plug-and-Play Docking Station】The USB-C docking station is easy to use with a plug-and-play design. No need to install any driver and quickly connect all peripherals into integration. The docking station is compatible with MacBook Pro 13”2016/2017/2018/2019, 15”2016/2017/2018/2019, 16”2019 and MacBook Air 13”2018/2019
  • ⚡【High Quality and Safety Protection】The MacBook Air docking station is designed with dual bendable superior PVC cable, avoiding direct touching with your laptop to improve heat dissipation. Smart chip safety design makes the MacBook Air dock safer and prevent the device from overload, over-voltage, over-current, short circuit, overcharge


✿Pay attention✿: The docking station only can extend one display when you use 2020 MacBook mini/Air/Pro which with M1 chip.However,you can mirror two displays.

1. HDMI ports × 2: Max resolution up to UHD 4K@60Hz
2. DisplayPort × 1: Max resolution up to UHD 4K@60Hz
3. PD Charging Port × 1: Power delivery up to 100 W for fast charging(Only for charging, not for data transferring)
4. USB 3.0 Ports × 2: Data transfer speed up to 5Gbps
5. USB 2.0 Ports × 2: Data transfer speed up to 480M/s
6. SD Card Slots × 1: Speed up to 104Mb/s
7. Micro SD Card Slots × 1: Speed up to 104Mb/s
8. Ethernet LAN port: Speed up to 10/100/1000 Mbps
9. Headphone Jack: 3.5mm Audio/Microphone
10. Material: Space Aluminum/PVC
11. Color: Grey

Multiports Laptop USB C Docking Station
Contains HDMI(4K@60Hz), DisplayPort(4K@60Hz), PD charging port, USB C 3.0(1 Gbps) and USB C 2.0(480 M/s) data transfer ports, SD/Micro SD card ports(104 Mb/s), Audio/Mic combined port. The MacBook Air docking station supports all you need for work and entertainment.

4K@60Hz Triple Displays for your Macbook
Support max 3 another monitors connection with 2 HDMI ports and 1 DisplayPort. Support up to 4K@60Hz resolution output when connecting 2 or 3 external monitors. Achieve 4K@60Hz display output when connecting 1 monitor. Meet your efficient work on video producing, data analysis, financial and stock investment etc.

Plug-And-Play Docking Station
Connect all your peripherals to the laptop hub docking station within seconds. No extra driver/software/App installation. It is sturdy, lightweight enough to carry with you for commute work, meeting or business travel etc.

Heat-Dissipation Improve Safety Protection
The dual-port cable keeps the MacBook thunderbolt 3 dock to stay distance from MacBook Pro/Air, avoiding heat energy and temperature excessive centralization. The aluminum hub material also improves heat dissipation. Smart chip makes prevents device from overload, over-voltage, over-current, short circuit, overcharge.

Color Match-up with MacBook Pro/Air
Space grey color of the docking station matches up with most of MacBook Pro/Air. Tide up your desk or table and save space for your work environment. Have your table top and laptop look simple but great.

Compatible Devices:
✔MacBook Air 13 Inch 2019/2018/2017/2016
✔MacBook Air 13 Inch Retina 2020 (Intel Core i7 processor)
✔MacBook Pro 13/15 Inch 2019/2018/2017/2016
✔MacBook Pro 13 Inch 2020 (Intel Core i7 processor)
✔MacBook Pro 16 Inch 2020
✔Dual ports Windows Laptops that with DisplayPort Alternate Mode
MacBook Pro 13 Inch (M1 Chip, 2020) and MacBook Air 13 Inch (M1 Chip, 2020) only support 1 external monitor display connection for this MacBook Pro docking station

1. Make sure your MacBook laptop device has dual ports compatible with the USB C dock before purchase.
2. Please connect MacBook charger to the PD port of the docking station before power on for stable working status.
3. The USB Type C PD charging port only works for power passing-through.
4. It is normal and has no worry that the laptop hub docking station will get a little warm while working. Temperature will be limited by internal protection system.
5. The docking station for laptop is available to MacBook Pro/Air cover case. It is much more convenient than traditional MacBook Pro adapter
6. The MacBook Pro with M1 chip series only supports 1 external monitor. (MacBook Air 13”M1 2020, MacBook Pro 13”M1 2020)
7. Please plug MacBook power supply to the PD port on the thunderbolt 3 docking station before connecting it to your MacBook laptop for stable working status

Customer Stories

Mars from USA on December 18, 2020

Great USB-C hub. It ticks all the boxes in terms of what I needed: Multiple USB-A ports, ethernet, DisplayPort, an SD card reader, and more. I plug in my CF card reader using an adapter; my Dell DisplayPort monitor; my mouse and DAC; ethernet, and whatever else needs to be plugged in. Plus, it provides Power Delivery (PD) over USB-C.

I'm using this on a new M1-based MacBook pro and have zero compatibility issues with this hub.

The only downsides are: It occupies all ports on a 2-port MacBook Pro; the cable between your computer and hub is quite short; there are no USB-C ports to plug in USB-C devices like CFast readers, external hard drives, phones, etc., so you need to use a USB-C to USB-A adapter.

Despite these relatively minor downsides, I give this 4/5 stars!

shadetree from US on April 16, 2021

These docking stations can get expensive and I wish that people would post detailed reviews of the cheap ones so that others can see if it will work in their configuration. I'm running two external high resolution monitors, but not at their maximum refresh rates.

MacBook Pro 16" 2019, AMD Radeon Pro 5500M / Intel UHD 630, Catalina 10.15.7 with two Dell curved monitors connected via HDMI.

Neither screen is purple, which sometimes happens when a Mac auto-detects the display as a television and uses the YPbPr color space instead of RGB.

First monitor is QHD/WQHD 2K 2560x1440 at 165Hz. I can only select 120Hz and 60Hz. Runs fine at 120Hz. This monitor supports HDR but I do not see the option to enable it.

The other is UWQHD 3440x1440 at 60Hz. It automatically selects 50Hz and stops working if I force it to 60Hz.

Karthik Padmanabhan from US on April 11, 2021

I originally purchased an IOGEAR USB-C dock to connect two monitors to my 2016 15 inch MacBook Pro but due to the limitations of that dock and MST support in Mac OS, two monitors could only be connected in mirrored mode. The CHOETECH USB-C dock takes two USB-C ports, but the advantage is that I can now connect two monitors with just 1 cable. I have the dock connected to a 60 W USB-C charging brick (co-incidentally also made by CHOETECH), and have two 27 inch Dell monitors connected at 2K resolution each. I also have three 1 TB hard drives connected, one of them is a time machine drive. Everything works so nicely, keeping the desk clear of any cable clutter. Highly recommended!

Fizzle from US on December 22, 2020

The hubs for my MacBook Pro I've had in the past either were underpowered or blocked too much of the unit (including the headphone jack). This is the best of both worlds. 3 display ports (DVI and HDMIx2), 4 USB ports, USB-C power, ethernet (which is huge for me with the video calls I'm constantly doing), and even a headphone jack (though it doesn't block the jack I have, so it's twice as nice).

Really like it. Check the video to see it in action.

Rahul from US on April 21, 2021

I really love this hub! It’s very easy to use! I just plug my HDMI cord in and then plug the C-type cable in into my iPad 12.9 pro and I’m connected! If you are looking for a hub with several different options, this is your all in one device to have! I have tried this on my iPad, MacBook and a windows laptop and works just like plug and play! No hassle with installing drivers etc. One thing I have noticed with lots of other hubs is that they tend to overheat at long usage of monitor/tv over HDMI. This is not the case with this particular hub, it works at normal temperature and yet performs 4K UHD at 30Hz.

Also, worked well with my old Samsung Galaxy S9+ to connect a TV. I think it offers a big Bang for buck at the price point.

Rather from US on January 1, 2021

This USB-C docking station has almost every port you could want to expand the ports on your laptop. With two USB-C connections to your computer you get 12 additional ports. Everything from expanded USB ports, to charging, to external monitors are possible, all at the same time. I use my MacBook Pro in my office with two external monitors, mouse, keyboard, speakers, various usb peripherals, and this single docking station does it all. I like this one better than many others since it doesn't require external power. This means that you can take it on the go to use with you. It also widely beats out the price of many other similar stations. Love it!