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HD WiFi Solar Powered Rotating Security Surveillance Camera


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This is a wireless solar-powered outdoor security camera that can be set up anywhere, requires minimum sunlight, and just a faint WiFi signal. It is 100% self-sustained and never needs to be plugged to recharge. Incorporating a rotatable lens that you control from your phone, it includes a camera and a solar panel with a built-in long-life battery that attaches to the top of the camera to capture maximum power from the sun.

Unlike other outdoor cameras, you don’t need an electrician to wire power to remote areas of your home or office. Simply mount the Soliur XS7 Pro in any area you wish to monitor. The camera’s IR LEDs have a range of up to 90 feet and its powerful white LEDs flashlight ensures the most detailed and clear picture.

This is the only solar-powered camera that has a rotating lens allowing it to pan and rotate a full 360 degrees and horizontally 120 degrees. You can control the camera’s movement from your smartphone app from anywhere in the world.

It records bright and crisp videos in 1080p HD (with audio!), allowing you to identify faces from far away and even in the dark. It also sends instantaneous motion alerts, and streams video and audio live to your smartphone.

With its built-in speaker and mic, you can listen to everything the camera records anytime on the app, and even deter intruders by projecting your voice over the built-in powerful 2-way speaker.

Equipped with a waterproof solar charger and built-in Lithium-Ion rechargeable batteries, the waterproof camera operates flawlessly in the rain, shine, snow, or ice. No matter the conditions outside, you can depend on uninterrupted surveillance without having to worry about charging or wiring your camera.

It is an all-in-one solution for surveillance outside your home or office. It can be mounted easily on any surface at any angle, and you can get instant alerts when somebody is at the front door. You can see when your package was delivered, or who stole it! Get alerts when somebody is snooping around your backyard-- the surveillance possibilities are endless. No matter the area, the weather, or the lighting conditions, it will capture the action, record it, and notify you!

Main Features

  • Easy setup--under  5 minutes
  • Separate camera with Solar Panel to allow flexible camera placement 
  • Rotatable Lens (360 Horizontally & 120º Vertically)  
  • IP65 Waterproof Temp (- 4º to 140º)  
  • Powerful 2 Way Mic/Speaker
  • Powerful 90 feet IR and white light LED

1080P Wire-Free Intelligent Solar Energy Security Cam


Upgraded 18000mAh Battery & Rechargeable Solar Panel

Work-Preloaded with 6pcs batteries, Solar Security Camera Outdoor allowing the security camera to work flawlessly even in continuous rainy days or low light, and get Non-Stop solar power supply with its own solar panel.No worries to take it down to recharge.

Zoom and Rotate any angle to Broaden Your View

With 4 light LEDS and 2 infrared LEDs, the 1080P FHD Wireless Security Camera provide you crystal clear videos and vivid images even at night.You can remotely control it to rotate 355° horizontally ,120° vertically and 3X digital Zoom(No optical zoom) to focus on any areas and never miss a detail.Get Rid Off Blindspots

Stable WiFi Connection & IP65 Weatherproof

Designed for outdoor use, this IP65 Waterproof Wifi Camera is built with a solid metal house and 2 enhanced 4dBi antennas for better Wi-Fi connectivity. Operating temperatures range from -30 ℃/-22°F up to 60 ℃/140°F, meaning it will function properly in extreme weather conditions.Note: This camera doesn't support 5G wifi.

Intelligent PIR Motion Detection and Real-Time Alerts

Built-in radar and a high sensitivity motion sensor reduce false alarms. Wireless Security Camera System detects human motion only and sends instant alerts to your phone automatically, saves videos on a micro SD card (up to 128GB) or cloud storage service (One-month free trial) if you choose.

Built-in Intercom & Multiple Remote Access

Built-in mic and speaker of Home Security Cameras allows you to communicate with your family members, pets, or a delivery man in real-time, give a verbal warning to any uninvited guests when you're not at home. >Multiple account sharing allows you share this WiFi camera with your family members to view it simultaneously.

1080P FHD Images

Ankway Solar outdoor security camera, equipped with 3x Zoom , providing high-resolution 1080P images feedback.

Color Night Vision

Equiped with 4pcs built-in spotlight illuminates and 2pcs infrared LEDs, it enables sharp colorful night vision up to 32 feet.
White light LEDs mode allows you see and record videos in color clarity even in low-light.
Infrared LED mode allows you to only see the black and white pictures and videos to save power.


With adjustable solar panel and camera angle,the Dimensions is about 7 inch *10 inch *12 inch.
Install height recommendation of 9 feet approx, and please connect with your phone before installation.

Scan the QR code for Connect

Just download the UBox APP(New Verison V1.1.6), register an account, Turn on the security camera and Scan the QR code with the App when you hear the following voice “ The camera is now ready to begin pairing”. After connected, You can live view it, change the setting or rotate it to a ideal angle via the app.

Customer Stories: 



"My original review that I posted was not good. This was clearly a mistake on my part the technical support team contacted me as I was writing the review and resolved any issues that I had This was clearly a mistake on my part the technical support team contacted me as I was writing the review and resolved any issues that I had They had resolved my issue with push notifications within minutes of being notified I like this camera and I have recommended it to several of my friends in thinking of buying a second one this is a great

This provides a level of security in places where cameras could not be placed before

I highly recommend the camera and I highly recommend the support."



"So far very happy with the ease of installation and relative ease of getting it set up. The user's manual could go into a little bit more detail on how to use the app but you can figure it out just poking some buttons. The picture quality is fantastic on HD. Zoom isn't very impressive. The mic and speaker work great, even 14' up (see pic). Camera movement and voice stuff has about a 3 second delay on our Wi-Fi. The 3rd and 4th pictures are at night. Firts one is with the camera's "spotlights" and the next with the IR on. Not bad. We will see how the unit holds up to 120° AZ heat in a few months."

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