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PD72 Power Delivery Charger Multi USB Charging

This multi USB Charger reduces the amount of wall plug Ins and can charge multiple devices at one time. Great for travel or at the office as well. You can streamline clutter with cords. Small and compact and powerful!
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Product Description

【Advanced PD Technology】The USB-C port is equipped with power delivery(PD) technology, capable of charging your MacBook at full speed and other USB-C compatible devices at up to 60W(max.)
【Travel Charger】It can be portable at any time and anywhere, not only can charge for mobile phone, but also can charge for tablet or MacBook.
【USB-IF Certified, Charge Safely】The USB-C is certified USB-IF, truly USB PD compliant and can be trusted to operate at a high level of safety. Besides, the built-in smart IC chip ensures complete protection for you and your devices, including over-heating, over-current, and short-circuit protections
【Ultra Powerful】4 ports pump out 72W of power, enabling simultaneous multi-device charging.
【Universal Compatibility】2017/2016/2015 MacBook; 2017/2016 MacBook Pro; iPhone 8/8+/X (Require a USB-C to Lightning Cable); Samsung Note 8/ S8/S8+; Google Pixel 2/Pixel/Pixel XL; Nexus 5x/6P; LG G6, Huawei Mate 10, etc

The latest, fastest and most efficient USB charging technology in the world.

Input: AC 100-240V ~ 50/60Hz 1.5A Max
USB-C: 5V/3A; 9V/3A; 12V/3A; 15V/3A; 20V/3A
USB-A*3: Total 5V/2.4A Max (2.4A Max each port)

Universal Compatibility:
2017/2016/2015 MacBook, 2017/2016 MacBook Pro, iPhone 8/8+/X (Require a USB-C to Lightning Cable), Samsung Note 8/ S8/S8+, Google Pixel 2/Pixel/Pixel XL, Nexus 5x/6P, LG G6, Huawei Mate 10 etc

1xUSB-C Charger
1x1.5m Power Cord
1xUser Manual

Customer Stories

SpencerS from US on October 13, 2020

As a student, sometimes I stay for hours on end working on assignments at University and my XPS and iPad Pro both require USB-C power. Before I used to carry an XPS charger which is a brick along with my iPad Pro charger but it added unnecessary weight to my bag and dealing with the tangled cables was a pain. This USB-C brick comes in and changes everything.  I carry this now with on long 10ft cable that charges my iPad Pro at max speeds. It's extremely useful and versatile in that sense, especially if you're someone that uses USB-C products. Now I don't need to plug out my XPS charger every time and keep it at home while keeping the USB-C brick in my backpack. More companies need to include this in the box, but unfortunately that's not the case so I had to buy it myself. For any student or really anyone that has multiple USB-C devices, this brick is an excellent choice.

RD from Canada on September 24, 2020

How much is there to say about a compact USB charger? This is a Multi USB charger that does exactly what it says it does.

We purchased this PD72 Power Delivery Charger Multi USB Charging to use with both my phone and my family's phones as it has the multi charge ports so we can charge at the same time. All phones are also able to fast charge at the same time using this adapter.

JM from US on March 30, 2020

This is the ideal travel charger. As someone who travels a lot for work, it’s easy to see how carry multiple chargers and multiple cables can get tangled and cumbersome very quickly. This all in one adapter certainly solves part of that problem. Like most people who have multiple devices, a phone tablet and laptop are always in my go bag. Trying to find enough outlet space in some small hotel rooms often can be quite a problem. I like to have all of my devices in one place, usually on the desk. This device makes that possible. Requiring only one wall outlet, this port allows me to charge my tablet my laptop my phone and my watch all at once. Even with multiple devices plugged in at once, it still does a great job of delivering fast and even power to all of them. It works very well and so far all of my USB devices have worked very well with it. Very happy with it so far.

Ovrjoyd from US on May 3, 2020

I have dozens of USB power blocks and adapters, but not many of them offer a USB Type-C port, so I am happy to have the Choetech PD72 Power Delivery Charger Multi USB Charging, PD Multi Port Charger with 72W Power for most of my digital devices. It's ideal for my iPad,, cameras, and I phone QI chargers without needing a separate 12" power strip to include almost all of my devices that require a USB port. Nearly everything requires a USB connection and i can only have so many hubs dangling off my laptop's power supply. YES! I highly recommend this space-saving adapter. It works as advertised.

Sibel from US on April 15, 2020

The overall appearance is basically a brick. I was able to place exactly where I wanted it by using sticky hook and loop to keep it solidly in place. I left overnight before pressing the two together as the instructions noted to do. The 4 outlets are 3 by USB and one USB-C outputs. I can directly use the USB-C output to my iPad and watch it quickly shoot to one hundred percent in a timely manner. The other 3 I have my Bluetooth earphones, smart watch, iPad pen equivalent, and iPhone charging overnight for the next day’s adventures. This Power Delivery Charger Multi USB Charging is a very handy compact multi port device to have and power delivery is excellent.

S king from US on November 21, 2019

Love that 72W Power Delivery Charger Multi USB Charging, this reduces the amount of wall plug Ins that I have to use and can charge multiple devices at one time. Great for travel or at the office as well. You can streamline clutter with cords. Small and compact and powerful.

The charge capacity is quick with in 2 hours for a phone. Would recommend this Power Delivery Charger Multi USB Charging, amazing value.

Meeks from US on April 15, 2020

I've placed multi-port chargers on each level of my house and it has made charging devices so much easier. This one I have placed on an end table located between two recliners. My wife and I can now charge (and use) our cell phones while we are watching TV. She also plugs in her notebook or laptop computer and plays on-line games for hours.
This device works well for what we need it for, and it provides plenty of power to charge multiple devices at the same time.