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T517-F Choetech 15W Wireless Charger


Choetech's  Magnetic Wireless Charger equipped with the new MagSafe technology delivers seamless alignment and fast wireless charging for your iPhone every time - it's the easiest way to charge yet. And it works perfectly with other Qi-enable smartphones.

Magnetic Alignment

Strong magnetic adsorption allows you to adjust the angle freely without deviating from the charging center. Makes wireless charging as easy as a breeze. 

Case Friendly

This magsafe wireless charger is compatible with MagSafe Cases.

Wide Compatibility With All Qi-enabled Phones

Not just compatible with your iPhone but also works well with your Airpods 2/Pro and Android phones. 

Safe And Reliable

The magnetic wireless charger can prevent your phone from overheating, allowing you to charge safely without worry.

Ultra-thin and light design

Lightweight and compact design make Choetech's MagSafe Charger a joy to use in the office and at home, it will fit seamlessly into your bag and be great to take on your business trips.  

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Package Content

1 x Choetech Magnetic Wireless Charger with 1.5m USB-C integrated cable

1 x User Manual and Customer Service from Choetech who have almost 8 years experience in the field of wireless charging.

Customer Reviews 

John, from US
“This magsafe wireless charger is an amazing choice for a wireless charger for my iPhone 12 Max. I'm impressed by how compact, lightweight, and well designed this charger is for the price. Also, it starts charging right away as soon as I put my phone on the charger. My iPhone charges quickly even without taking the case off.”

Gavin Cheung, from US
“Very good value! It is cheaper than the original magsafe wireless charger and I feel like it is even better. I like the found bottom design that this product offer as it gives a better holding experience when you need to charge while playing games. I am heavy user on streaming and mobile game, so the round bottom shape works out perfectly for me! It also charges very fast and connect tightly with my phone. All in all, 2 thumbs up for the design!”

Jeremey, from UK
“This magsafe wireless charger is a good replacement for the Apple original e for half the price. It needs a powerful charger brick, 18 Watts or higher to work at full potential. I used it with my IPhone 12 Pro and so far I am pleased with the results. Just don’t forget to peel out the plastic protection because it is almost invisible!”

Sophina, from US
Works great on our iphone12 and 12pro. I thought it would be bigger but i didn't really read the specifications before i bought it so totally my issue. It is for our family and guest charging station in our living room. It is great to have because people always need a quick charge. The magsafe wireless charger comes with an adapter so you no need to buy that separately. It does what it states and it is perfect size to be portable.