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Who we are

Since its launch in 2012, Choetech has earned recognition from producers in the industry, and is now one of the leading global providers for premier mobile accessories, especially in wireless charging field. With a solidified reputation and longstanding commitment to customers, Choetech continues to grow at fast speed.

Why Choetech?

At CHOETECH, we constantly strive to find new ways to help make our customers’ choice easier and more efficient. As product designers, engineers, manufacturers and top seller, we push the envelope of what’s possible in wireless charging technology, passionately dedicating in providing reliable products with an emphasis on efficiency and quality.

Power To The Best
Make Life Simple, Green.

- Choetech

We believe quality should be ever-improving, which is why we create the best of the best and then challenge ourselves again to exceed the best.

We define good design as simple,smart and easy to use. We aim to free hands, safe charging and efficient charging solution.


Moving forward to bring the best experience while keeping the essential technology to bring into your lifestyle. Turning tech into the form where you can experience or be helped with.

A Creative Brand
Loves to Learn, Collaborate And Create.

Choetech's Values

Magsafe, Wireless chargers and solar chargers are also in line with the development of the world's environmental protection concept. First, it can realize the sharing of wireless charging ports and save a lot of materials and costs. By constructing public wireless charging equipment, the amount of battery usage will be drastically reduced, and at the same time, a large amount of solid waste can be reduced, which will protect the environment.

Why we start

We live in a world of technology designed to make our lives more convenient and productive. Yet we also live in a technological world held back by one thing - cables. Choetech emerged in 2012 with one question: what if we could cut the cables and leap into the future?

Our start was like any other - in a rented apartment. Our founding team had quit their jobs and were working night and day on building wireless charging circuit boards which we later sold to local shoe manufacturers who used our technology to create heated insoles. In the winter of 2012, we always had warm feet.


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