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XCH-M180 USB Type C to HDMI Cable with 60W Power Delivery Charging Port Adapter 6FT

Choetech USB C to HDMI cable equipped with a Power Delivery input port, so you can connect a 60W wall charger to the Power Delivery input port to provide high-speed pass-through charging to your laptop. USB Type C to HDMI cable makes it easy to mirror or extend your device’s screen and enjoy 4K UHD or Full HD 1080p videos on HDTV, secondary monitors, or even projectors from your laptop and phone.
Model: XCH-M180GY
4K@60Hz Ultra HD Resolution: No software or drivers required. Connect one or two HDMI monitors/displays at up to 4K@60Hz resolution. This USB C to HDMI cable makes your presentations, exhibitions, movies, education, training, business meetings be more easier and more convenient.
60W USB C Power Delivery Fast Charging: The USB C PD(power delivery) port supports 60W Power Delivery. Provide fast charging for your computer, ensuring optimal performance for devices which connected to the USB Type C to HDMI cable.
Widely Use: CHOETECH USB C to HDMI cable works well with USB-C 3.1 port (Thunderbolt 3 compatible) devices. Widely use in any where you need.
What You Get: Choetech USB Type C to HDMI cable with Power Delivery Port*1, User Manual*1
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usb type c with pd charging
usb c to hdmi cable
Plug & Play USB C to HDMI Cable
CHOETECH USB Type C to HDMI cable allows you to directly connect a USB-C device to any HDMI display without need for cumbersome protocol and connector adapters. Connect and configure your macbook pro for an extended desktop or mirrored displays.
60W Type-C Power Delivery
This USB C to HDMI cable with Power Delivery Port that allows you to charge the newest MacBook Pro or other Type-C devices up to 60W even while transmits high-definition audio and video from your computer to an HDTV for video streaming or gaming. Note: for PD fast charging, please make sure that both your USB C devices and charger support USB power delivery specification; you can see refer to the user manual of your device or contact the manufacturer to check whether your devices support it.

4K@60Hz Ultra HD Resolution
CHOETECH USB Type C to HDMI cable supports crystal-clear 4K@60Hz UHD or full HD 1080p videos on HDTV, secondary monitors, or projectors. Backwards compatible with 1080p/720p/480p/360p resolutions; Gold-plated connectors resist corrosion, provide durability and ensure stable signal transmission, ideal for you to experience stunning videos and images with no lag.

Wide Compatibility
The USB C to HDMI cable works with USB-C 3. 1 or Thunderbolt 3 port interfaces which support "DisplayPort Alternate Mode", such as 2019/2018/2017/2016 MacBook Pro, 2019/2018 iPad Pro, 2017 iMac, 2019/2018/2017/2016/2015 MacBook, 2019/2018 MacBook Air, iMac Pro/Mac Mini, Surface Book 2, Samsung Galaxy S20/S20 Plus/S20 Ultra/S10/S10+/S10e/S9/S9 Plus/S8/S8Plus/Note 10/Note 9/Note 8, Huawei P30/P30 Pro/P20/P20 Pro/Mate 10/Mate 10 Pro/Mate20/Mate 20 Pro/RS, HTC U11, Pixel book, Dell XPS 15/XPS 13, HP Envy 13, HP Specter x360, Chromebook Pixel and more.
What You Get: 1XChoetech 4K 60Hz USB C to HDMI cable, 24-month & easy-to-reach support. If you meet any questions, please feel free to contact us. We are always available to support your needs or concerns.
Broad Applications: from USB-C Host Devices to HDMI Screens
Sturdy Aluminum Shell
Don't bear breaking issues with plastic-made cables anymore
Classic space gray streamlined integral molding
Matte alu-alloy shell with anti-fingerprint property

Thunderbolt 3 Compatible USB C HDMI Cable
-Thunderbolt 3 computer host compatible.
Tips: please make sure your USB C devices(macbook air, macbook pro) support DP ALT Mode.

Multi Screens for Multi Tasks
Choetech USB C HDMI cable is ideal partner of all Apple products with thunderbolt 3 or 4
Leverage Mirror / Extend mode, maximize your productivity
Feel free to discover your own combination: paper & slides, PS & AI... ...
Support clamshell mode. Support HDR.

Tips: please make sure your USB C devices support DP ALT Mode.
If your USB-C host supports DP Alt Mode but the cable doesn’t work, we suggest you:

-Please make sure that you have chosen the correct input source. For example, your TV has three HDMI ports 1, 2, 3, when you connected HDMI 1, you should choose HDMI 1 as your TV’s input source with your TV’s remote control.
-Update the BIOS and graphic card driver from your laptop’s official website, then restart your laptop to try again.
-Set the laptop’s resolution as 1080P or lower.
-Keep the cable connected stable and tighten. Don’t move the cable, laptop and monitor during using.
1.Only works for USB-C 3.1 or thunderbolt 3 port interfaces which support 'DisplayPort Alternate Mode'.

2.The resolution and refresh rate are also determined by the performance of your devices.

3.For display 4K content, please ensure that both input and output devices can support 4K resolution.

4.To manually adjust resolution for your MacBook/MacBook Pro, hold the 'option' key and click 'Scaled'.

5.For iPad Pro 2018, video resolution up to 2560 x 1440 @60Hz due to the iPad Pro 2018 uses the DisplayPort protocol).

6. For iPad Pro 2018, only a few applications are applicable to the full-screen display.

7.For Power Delivery(PD) fast charging, pls make sure that both your USB C devices and charger support USB Power Delivery Specification; you can see refer to the user manual of your device or contact the manufacturer to check it; if just support other charging protocol, the charging process may not be fast charging.

60W Power Delivery

This usb-c to hdmi cable with Power Delivery port can charge your devices whilst in use up to 20V/3A(60W) which fixes problem of adapter draining your battery quickly. Please use the original adapter.

Plug and Play USB C to HDMI cable

Plug and play, no adapters or drivers required, A great travel companion as most hotels / motels have HDMI-enabled TVs that allow you to view content of your choice on a large screen.

iPad Pro 2018 Compatible

Connect your 2018 iPad Pro 11 "& 12.9" to the TV and use the iPad as a kind of PC with such USB Type C to HDMI cable for screens up to 2560x1440.

Widely Use

Choetech USB C to HDMI cable works well with USB-C 3.1 port (Thunderbolt 3 compatible) devices. Widely use in conference, classroom, home theater for speech ,teaching, watching movie in a large screen with great sharp image.

Mirror or Extend Mode

This usb-c to hdmi cable with Power Delivery port can charge your devices whilst in use up to 20V/3A(60W) which fixes problem of adapter draining your battery quickly. Please use the original adapter.

4K@60Hz Resolution USB C to HDMI cable

Support resolutions up to 4K (3840*2160) @ 60Hz. Backward compatible with 4K @ 30Hz, 1080p@ 60Hz. The USB Type C to HDMI cable with power delivery port is an Ideal for movie, conference, presentation, gaming.

Wide Compatibility for PC(with DP Alt Mode):

- MacBook Pro 2019/2018/2017/2016

- MacBook Air 2019/2018, MacBook 2017/2016/2015 - iPad Pro 11'' and iPad Pro 12. 9'' 2018 (4K@30Hz, 2K@60Hz)

- iMac 2017 21. 5 "/ 27"(Touch ID & Multi Touch Bar as a host computer) - Dell XPS 13-9360 / 9350, XPS 15-9560

- Surface Book 2, Google Chromebook Pixel (2015) - HP ENVY X360 15, ENVY 13 (2017), Elite Book folio G1 - Acer V15 Nitro, Asus ZenBook UX390UAK, ASUS GA-Z170X - Huawei Mate book X/ Mate book X Pro, Samsung Notebook 9 900X5L

USB C or Thunderbolt 3 Compatible for Phones:

- Samsung Galaxy S20/S20 Plus/S20 Ultra/S10/S10+/S10e/S9/S9Plus/S8/S8Plus/Note 10/Note 9/Note 8 - HUAWEI P30/ P30 Pro/ P20/ P20 Pro/Mate20/ Mate 20 Pro/RS/Mate 10/ Mate 10 Pro


1. Please pairing devices with the stock Power Adapter recharging your devices.

2. Charging rate is depending on the supplied charger.


Featured Reviews: 

Simon A. 
"Well to start off I have another USB C with HDMI but no power plug on that one. So your time is limited using it for watching movies and whatnot.
So when I saw this one here I had to have it!! And low and behold this thing works great and no need to worry about your phone battery life anymore. Picture quality is superb just like my other cable!
This is something we all need when traveling and in some hotel room and want to watch a movie. But the Wi-Fi is too weak to get a good connection for streaming. Well direct connecting is always the best quality vs a wireless connection imo..."



Jack H.
"This has been the best solution for HDMI on my MacBook so far! I originally got this to try for my Pixel 2 XL, but I found that my phone doesn't even support video though USB c. That's my fault for not researching. But I have been using it exclusively now for my MacBook. My cousin even used it for his Lenovo.
I don't have more images, but I used my phone to show that it does support power delivery. That's the only rapid charge that works on the pixel."




I have a couple of TB3 and USB C to HDMI 4k@60hz cables, and they all work very well. For my Macbook Pro, this is great. I've got four ports, so using one for video is no big deal, especially with my thunderbolt 3 docking station. For my wife, all of these are basically useless. She has a macbook, and guess what? It's got one USB C port. Not TB3, just USB C. One of them for charging, peripherals, etc. For most of her usage, that's totally fine - she uses her Macbook for basic tasks that don't require much in the way of external accessories, but sometimes she'd really like to use an external monitor without having to worry about the battery. She could get an apple adapter which allows charging, USB, and HDMI, but she'd have to settle for 30hz at 4k resolution, which makes the computer seem stuttery and slow. She'd also have to pay a lot more money to do it.
Enter this adapter. Now she can run 4k video, at full 60hz, while charging. Connect up my bluetooth keyboard and trackpad and she can close her macbook and she's got a desktop. Fantastic!
I've had this thing for a couple of weeks now and have put it through its paces, and I've had zero issues with it. From a display perspective, it does its job without any problems - no flickering, no issues with settings, none of it. Plug it in and go. The biggest difference I notice is that the color depth on my macbook pro is 30-bit color (higher than the native display's color depth of 24-bit) where on hers both the internal and external display are 24-bit. This isn't a failure on the part of the cable - the macbook simply doesn't have the power to run 30-bit color while the macbook pro is.