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Portable Waterproof Foldable Solar Panel Charger 22W Dual USB Ports Solar Charger

Choetech foldable solar panel portable charger is 21.5-22% efficient, providing enough power to charge two devices simultaneously. Foldable design, convenient to carry it wherever you go. Also, this solar power charger features IPX4 waterproof technology, robust canvas surface, and stitching it can withstand different weather conditions.
Model: SC005
High Conversion Efficiency: Choetech solar panel portable charger has a world-leading solar energy conversion efficiency, almost twice as efficient as most other folding solar chargers in the market.
Dual-USB Ports: One waterproof USB port solar panel charger is for all USB gadgets, including Android devices, iPhone, iPad, GPS, GoPro, digital camera, etc. Foldable and Portable: The foldable design makes the solar panel charger with smaller folded size and portable to take anywhere you need.
Smart&Safe Charging: Build-in smart IC chip and CE/FCC/RoHS Certificated, Choetech solar panel charger ensures 100% safe charging with overcharging, overheating, and short circuit protection.
What You Get: Choetech 22W Solar Panel Portable Charger*1, User Manual*1
High-Efficieny 4 Solar Panels

The solar panel portable charger contains 4 PET polymer-faced SUN-Power solar panels, offering a high conversion rate of 21%-25%. It provides enough power to charge your USB device compared with other 3-panel solar chargers. And there are 2 holes on the solar panel charger, so you can attach the solar panel charger to your backpack easily.

Foldable & Portable Solar Panel Charger

The most compact solar panel charger: 9.4*6.2*1.2inch in folded size and 20.8oz of lightweight design, just like a grid-shaped wallet. And 2 holes on the solar panel portable charger that could be attached to any camping backpack easily as a phone solar power charger. A great choice for any outdoor traveling activities such as camping, hiking, and cycling off the beaten path without access to electric.

High-Speed Dual USB Ports:

Equipped with 2 individual USB ports (5V/2.4A max per port), this 22W solar power charger can charge 2 USB devices at the same time. The 2000mAh phone will be fully charged for about 1 hrs and the 5000mAh Tablet for 3 hrs.

Charge for All USB

Every USB device will work perfectly with this solar panel portable charger, including tablet and mobile phone in all brands, Kindles, power bank, camera, headlamps, headphones as long as your devices can be driven by a USB outlet. This is a must to take on holiday especially for places with strong sunlight. Kind Note: Battery Not Included in this solar panel charger.

Waterproof & Durable Solar Power Charger

It is definitely waterproof even you got caught out in a nasty shower. But not recommend using it under heavy rain. CE, FCC & RoHS certificated provides safe charging. This solar panel charger is perfect for everyday use when on the move in cloudy weather as well as direct sunlight.

Important Note: Please DO NOT lay the solar panel directly on CONCRETE, SAND, ROCK, or other high heat conduction surfaces in direct sunlight – this will cause the solar panel portable charger to overheat and significantly reduce the conversion rate and output wattage. 


How to use the Solar Panel Charger?

1) Unfold the panels,

2) Face panels in the direction of strong sunlight.

3) THEN insert the USB.


solar panel charger

camping solar panel

Important Note: Please DO NOT lay the solar panel directly on CONCRETE, SAND, ROCK or other high heat conduction surfaces in direct sunlight – this will cause the solar panel to overheat and significantly reduce the conversion rate and output wattage

Foldable and Compact

Easily folded into book size, ultra-compact and lightweight. Just slip the solar power charger into your bag and go travel.

High Energy Conversion Solar Panel Charger

Convert up to 25% of solar power into free energy. providing enough power to charge your 2 device.

Universal Compatibility

Choetech Solar Panel Portable Charger works with almost all phones, tablet, cameras, like iPhone, iPad, GoPro, air Pods, MP3 player, and more.


Customer Stories:


Deanes, from Australia
“I put the portable solar panels flat on our back step in full sun, put a USB cord under the kitchen door & charged our dead charging brick. It took a few hours to fully charge our brick. It was easy to fold the panels back in the attached cover. Nice quality product. Might come in handy during hurricane season!”

Samuel, from US
“Perfect solar panel charger for when I go camping. Hopefully, there’s enough sun, but other than that I liked how it came with two D clamps to tether it to my backpack. Two ports are good but wished it had 4 but can’t complain. Free energy from the sun to charger the S10.”

Ray NY, from US
“I originally had a solar power bank (one panel). It could barely charge anything. This has 4x the panels so 4x charge! It is super lightweight weighing in at a little over a pound. I am going to use it to fill up my power bank so I can charge my phone overnight. Excellent device!”

Johnathan, from Australia
“I used it for the field in the army and it held very well in the dust and wind. Carried it on my tank for about 6 months without any issues. Still use this solar panel charger for camping and hunting.”