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Our Story

We live in a world of technology designed to make our lives more convenient and productive. Yet we also live in a technological world held back by one thing - cables. Choetech emerged in 2012 with one question: what if we could cut the cables and leap into the future?

Our start was like any other - in a rented apartment. Our founding team had quit their jobs and were working night and day on building wireless charging circuit boards which we later sold to local shoe manufacturers who used our technology to create heated insoles. In the winter of 2012, we always had warm feet.

It was when Nokia adopted Qi technology for their Lumia line in that same year that we knew where we wanted to go - we were going to take the challenge and use our technology to build wireless chargers for smartphones.

At the time, wireless charging was still seen as a gimmick. The technology was very much in its infancy. Furthermore, aside from Nokia and a few other smartphone manufacturers, Apple and Samsung had yet to embrace the technology which would have led to mainstream adoption. We felt the odds were against us, but that made us more determined to bring the technology to the mainstream. After all, we were sick of broken cables or charging inputs that lacked universal compatibility - wireless charging could solve those problems.

In 2014 success was ours - we created the world’s first three coil charger. It was innovative, beautiful, and now easier to find the charging sweet spot. Our wireless charger was leaps ahead of other companies rushing to cash in on an industry we were pioneering. It even attracted the attention of Apple.

At that time, Apple still hadn’t entered the wireless charging game. But they were curious and it was partly because of us. In the same year we launched, they contacted us to organize a big meeting. The company was still only four people.

With the industry and consumers taking notice, we moved into bigger offices, hired a talented team, and expanded our product lines with a series of USB chargers, hubs, and even cables.

We have always been guided by the spirit of innovation and our love of technology which is why we are behind a number of market-leading products including the world’s first five coil wireless charger, and several portable charging devices that were the first to utilize Qualcomm’s Quick Charge technology. Most importantly, we have greatly promoted the development of wireless charging technology. And where something can be plugged in for power, there is always the potential for it to be charged without wires. 

After 8 years of innovation and growth, we have always stayed true to our core values by producing new technology, creating high quality products, providing first class customer service, and changing how we live through the convenience of technology. As wireless charging continues to become a seamless part of our lives, we will continue to be at the forefront by providing the best charging
experience to the world.


Choetech Timeline

Choetech Emerged
after seeing the potential of
wireless charging to change the world


Launched the first wireless charger
T511 on Amazon


Launched the world's first 3-coil wireless charger
Launched the industry's first QC2.0 fast charger
Diversified our product lines to encompass USB-C accessories


Choetech's annual sales reached 4 million U.S. dollars
Launched the industry's first 6-port QC3.0 fast charger


Launched the first PD 18W charger which led the industry trend
Diversified our product lines to encompass USB-C audio/video products
Launched the world's first USB-C to HDMI cable


Joined in the USB-IF and WPC organization
Obtained Thunderbolt™ 3 licence from Intel®
5,000 pieces of T511 wireless charger was sold every day


Launched the world's first 5-coil wireless charger PowerDual
Got over 280,000 followers on Facebook
Opened a flagship store in Dubai


Launched the world's first 2m MFi-certified USB-C to lightning cable
Choetech's T-mall flagship store launched in China
The accumulated sales of T511 exceeded $2,500,000


Introduced the world's first PD100W dual USB-C GaN charger
We have over 400,000 Followers on Facebook


To be Continued...



Company address

2-3/F, BLDG D, ZhongJia Technology Innovation Industrial CTR, Donghuan 2nd RD, Longhua District, Shenzhen