Long range wireless charging is coming, are you ready for it? Are you ready?

Long range wireless charging is coming, are you ready for it? Are you ready?

Honglei Jia |

Today's so-called wireless charging is still "wired" and users still need to place their phones on a wireless charging pad in order to charge them, which doesn't really make wireless charging a reality. Long-range wireless charging is similar to WiFi in that it uses electric waves or infrared light to form a "grid" of electrical signals in a limited space, just like connecting to WiFi. Charging. The charger is plugged into a socket and is wireless. When the charger is connected, it emits a WiFi-like wave from its own device to the outside, which is picked up by electrical devices in the vicinity.

Long-range wireless charging is a technology that does not require cables or devices to be placed on charging pads. It is a solution to the problems of wired charging. The main advantage of long-range wireless charging is that it is not affected by cables and is very easy to charge. As long as the corresponding equipment is within the range of wireless charging, it can be charged at any time, which is very convenient. For the modern society where the pace of life is accelerating, long-distance wireless charging will definitely be the future direction of the development of charging equipment!

Choetech’s newest invisible wireless charger can be installed directly under the table and the phone can be charged by placing it within the designated area of the table. No holes need to be drilled throughout, no installation is required, saving time and effort, saving space and costs and making it more comfortable to use.

Wireless charging over long distances is not the only thing that will emerge in the coming years. The technology will make it easier to use electronic devices such as mobile phones, computers, televisions, cameras and other electronic products by freeing them from the confines of cables. In the future, electric cars will slowly replace petrol cars by setting up charging stations at intervals around the highway, so that the highway is covered by a so-called power grid, which will solve the problem of electric cars not being able to travel long distances due to lack of power. I believe that with the continuous improvement and development of technology, long-distance wireless charging will definitely bring more benefits to our production life. This is a major trend and trend in the development of society.