Samsung's patent for wireless charging over space revealed: Galaxy S22 not available

Samsung's patent for wireless charging over space revealed: Galaxy S22 not available

Honglei Jia |

Recently Xiaomi and Motorola have demonstrated for us the long-range spaced wireless charging technology, which looks very sci-fi, and recently according to a patent disclosed by the Korean Patent Office, Samsung is also developing a similar technology.

The patent shows a wireless power emitter capable of covering the entire 360 degrees around the wireless power transmitter when providing multiple devices that support wireless charging.

A wide range of transmitter types are provided, and some transmitters can provide unlimited electronic device charging location and direction on charging, and others can provide unlimited location within a certain distance can be charged, which looks very practical.

It is said that Samsung's spaced wireless charging patent manufactures devices that can charge more than 3 devices at the same time, including mobile phones, headphones, smart headphones and so on.

The Samsung Galaxy S22 series of mobile phones is about to be released, although a collection of many black technologies. But Undoubtedly, it will miss the spaced charging function.

Choetech released a new under the table wireless charger which is a simple long-range spaced concealed wireless charger.

It can provide hassle-free charging solutions for both dine-in customers and employee workstations, can be compatible with most office desks and can even be secured within drawers and cabinets as required!

Also, it can be available both for resale and for installation within your retail store! As long as you have an outlet nearby, the under the table wireless charger can be attached to any surface...even up at 30,000 ft. 

Revitalize your customer suites with complimentary wireless charging solutions is also a great way with this invisible wireless charger! 

What's more, install safely within kitchen cabinets and charge your Qi-enabled device without wires, right where you cook!